What Is This



It retrieves sensor_msgs/Image and sensor_msgs/CameraInfo and publish sensor_msgs/Image of ROI. It is similar to image_proc/crop_decimate but you can use CameraInfo/roi field to specify ROI.

We expect to use jsk_pcl/ROIClipper with jsk_pcl/AttentionClipper to get ROI image.

Subscribing Topic

  • ~input/image (sensor_msgs/Image)

    Input image.

  • ~input/camera_info (sensor_msgs/CameraInfo)

    Camera parameter and ROI field should be filled.

    ~input/image and ~input/camera_info should be synchronized if ~not_sync is false.

  • ~input/cloud (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)

    Input point cloud ROI will be applied to.

    This topic is only enabled if ~not_sync is true.

Publishing Topic

  • ~output (sensor_msgs/Image)

    Image of ROI.

  • ~output/cloud_indices (pcl_msgs/PointIndices)

    The indices of the pointcloud which is inside of the interest 3-D region.

  • ~output/cloud (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)

    PointCloud clipped from ~input/cloud and ~input/camera_info.


  • ~not_sync (Bool, default: False)

    If ~not_sync is true, do not need to synchronize camera info and other input topics, and pointcloud clipping is enabled.

  • ~keep_organized (Bool, default: False)

    Whether to keep output point cloud organized or not.


roslaunch jsk_pcl_ros sample_roi_clipper.launch