What Is This

This nodelet will publish the difference of sequential pointcloud. You can get the newly generated pointclouds.

Difference with pcl_ros/SegmentDifference refer https://github.com/jsk-ros-pkg/jsk_recognition/pull/67

Subscribing Topic

  • ~input (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)

    Input point cloud.

Publishing Topic

  • ~octree_change_result (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)

    Point cloud which did not exist in previous time.


  • ~resolution (Float, default: 0.02)

    Octree resolution at lowest octree level in meters.

  • ~noise_filter (Int, default: 2)

    Minimum amount of points required within leaf node to become serialized.

These parameters can be changed by dynamic_reconfigure.


roslaunch jsk_pcl_ros sample_octree_change_publisher.launch