Detect a handle grasp pose from pointcloud and point as hint.

Subscribing Topic

  • ~cloud (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)

    Input pointcloud

  • ~point (geometry_msgs/PointStamped)

    3D Point (You can get from rviz “Publish Point” or image_view2)

Publishing Topic

  • ~handle_pose (geometry_msgs/PoseStamped)

    estimated handle pose

  • ~handle_length (std_msgs/Float64)

    This topic is advertised but not published for now.

  • ~handle (jsk_recognition_msgs/SimpleHandle)

    Estimated handle pose with handle width.

  • ~debug_marker (visualization_msgs/Marker)

    the result of calculating handle direction

  • ~debug_marker_array (visualization_msgs/MarkerArray)

    estimated handle visualization



  • ~finger_l (Float, default: 0.03)

  • ~finger_w (Float, default: 0.01)

  • ~finger_d (Float, default: 0.02)

  • ~arm_l (Float, default: 0.05)

  • ~arm_w (Float, default: 0.1)

  • ~arm_d (Float, default: 0.02)


roslaunch jsk_pcl_ros sample_hinted_handle_estimator.launch