Install Structure core Camera

Install SDK && Try Sample

# Download SDK to ~/Downloads
cd ~/Downloads
cd StructureSDK-CrossPlatform-0.7.2-ROS\ Driver\ beta/

# Create udev rules for non root users
chmod +x ./DriverAndFirmware/Linux/
sudo ./DriverAndFirmware/Linux/

# Update firmware of the sensor
chmod +x ./DriverAndFirmware/Linux/CoreFirmwareUpdater-0.9.7-Linux-x86_64
sudo ./DriverAndFirmware/Linux/CoreFirmwareUpdater-0.9.7-Linux-x86_64

# Build the SDK
chmod +x ./Scripts/

# Run the examples

Install ROS Driver beta

# Move SDK Repository to catkin workspace
cd ~/Downloads
mv StructureSDK-CrossPlatform-0.7.2-ROS\ Driver\ beta/ ~/catkin_ws/src/
cd catkin_ws/src/StructureSDK-CrossPlatform-0.7.2-ROS\ Driver\ beta/ROS

# changed permission
chmod +x ros1_driver/cfg/SCParams.cfg

# source script and build the package
chmod +x
catkin build

# launch
source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash
roslaunch structure_core_ros_driver sc.launch