What is this?


Pick up bright pixels from an image and encode the indices.

The combination of this node and jsk_perception/SparseImageDecoder provides almost the same function as image thresholding.

Note that this node is irrelevant to sparse coding or auto encoder.

Subscribing Topic

  • image (sensor_msgs/Image)

    Input image to encode.

Publishing Topic

  • sparse_image (jsk_recognition_msgs/SparseImage)

    Encoded indices.

    If either width or height of the input image is greater than 256, data32 field is used.

    If it is less than or equal to 256, then data16 field is used instead.


  • ~rate (Float, default: 3.0)

    Maximum publishing rate [Hz].

  • ~print_point_num (Bool, default: False)

    Print number of encoded pixels as NODELET_INFO.


roslaunch jsk_perception sample_sparse_image_encoder_decoder.launch