What is this?

Apply kalman filter to posedetection_msgs/ObjectDetection message and show marker.

Subscribing Topic

  • input/ObjectDetection (posedetection_msgs/ObjectDetection)

    Result of object detection.

  • input/image (sensor_msgs/Image)

    Trigger topic to publish dummy pose to attention_clipper/input/pose.

  • input/switch (std_msgs/Bool)

    Whether to subscribe input/ObjectDetection.

Publishing Topics

  • object_detection_marker_array (visualization_msgs/MarkerArray)

    Marker of raw pose.

  • filtered (visualization_msgs/MarkerArray)

    Marker of filtered pose.

  • outlier (visualization_msgs/MarkerArray)

    Marker of outlier.

  • attention_clipper/input/pose (geometry_msgs/PoseStamped)

    Pose of detected object.

  • posewithcovstamped (geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovarianceStamped)

  • simplecov (geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovarianceStamped)

    Pose of detected object with covariance.

Advertising Service

  • targetobj (posedetection_msgs/TargetObj)

    Service API to return object pose.


  • ~object_width (Float, default: 0)

  • ~object_height (Float, default: 0)

    Width/height of object.

  • ~relative_pose (String, default: 0 0 0 0 0 0 1)

    Relative pose.

  • ~detection_topic (String, default: /kinect_head/rgb/ObjectDetection)

    This parameter is not used for now.

  • ~marker_life (Float, default: 300)

    Life time of marker in seconds.

  • ~base_frame_id (String, default: /base_footprint)

    Frame ID of base.

  • ~target_type (String, default: "")

    Target type.


roslaunch jsk_perception sample_kalman_filtered_objectdetection_marker.launch