What is this?


Estimate hand pose in 2d. Please refer to original paper.

In order to use this feature, you need to install pytorch (pytorch >= 1.4.0 is recommended).

Subscribing Topic

  • ~input (sensor_msgs/Image)

    Input image.

  • ~input/depth (sensor_msgs/Image)

    Input depth image.

  • ~input/info (sensor_msgs/CameraInfo)

    Input camera info.

Publishing Topic

  • ~output/vis (sensor_msgs/Image)

    Visualization image of detected hand poses.

  • ~output/pose (jsk_recognition_msgs/HandPoseArray)

    If with_depth is true, publish 3D joint position.

    If with_depth is false, publish 2D joint position in image.

  • ~output/pose_2d (jsk_recognition_msgs/HandPoseArray)

    If with_depth is true, publish 2D joint position.


  • ~gpu (Int, Default: -1)

    GPU id. -1 represents CPU mode.

  • ~thre1 (Float, Default: 0.3)

    Threshold of hand bounding box heatmap value.

  • ~thre2 (Float, Default: 0.2)

    Threshold of hand keypoint heatmap value.

  • ~thre3 (Int, Default: 5)

    Threshold of undetected keypoints quantity.

  • ~visualize (Bool, Default: True)

    If ~visualize is true, draw estimated hand keypoints.

  • ~model_file (String, Required)

    Trained SRHandNet model file.

  • ~with_depth (Bool, Default: False)

    If true, subscribe ~input/depth and ~input/info.

  • ~sync_camera_info (Bool, Default: False)

    Synchronize ~input/info if enabled, otherwise the last received camera info message is used.

  • ~approximate_sync (Bool, Default: True)

    Use approximate synchronization policy.

  • ~queue_size (Int, Default: 10)

    Queue size for synchronization.

  • ~slop (Float, Default: 0.1)

    Slop for approximate sync.


For 2d hand pose detection.

roslaunch jsk_perception sample_hand_pose_estimation_2d.launch gpu:=0

For 3d hand pose detection.

roslaunch jsk_perception sample_hand_pose_estimation_3d.launch gpu:=0


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