What is this?


Service server of Random Forest classifier.

Advertising Service

  • predict (ml_classifiers/ClassifyData)

    Returns classification result as a list of string, according to requested points.

    Currently, only ClassifyData/data/point field is used for request.


  • ~random_forest_train_file (String, required)

    Path to training data file used for building forest of tree.

    If the file name ends with ‘pkl’, then this node will treat it as a built forest and try to deserialize it.

    If not, the file should contain training data as a list of float in each line.

  • ~random_forest_train_class_file (String)

    When ~random_forest_train_file does not end with ‘pkl’, this parameter will be enabled.

    The file should contain ground-truth class label data as a float number in each line.


roslaunch jsk_perception random_forest_sample.launch