Compute color histogram of the region which is specified by 3-D Polygon.

Subscribing Topics

  • ~input (jsk_recognition_msgs/PolygonArray)

    Input 3-D polygon array.

  • ~input/image (sensor_msgs/Image)

    Input image.

  • ~input/info (sensor_msgs/CameraInfo)

    Input camera info.

Publishing Topics

  • ~output (jsk_recognition_msgs/HistogramWithRangeArray)

    Histogram array. The order of the array is the same as ~input polygon array.

  • ~debug/polygon_image (sensor_msgs/Image)

    Debug image representing polygons seen from camera.


  • ~bin_size (Int, default: 10)

    The number of histogram bins.

  • ~pixel_min_value (Int, default: 0)

  • ~pixel_max_value (Int, default: 180)

    Minimum and maximum value of the histogram.

  • ~debug_line_width (Int, default: 2)

    Line width of debug image.

  • ~max_queue_size (Int, default: 10)

    Queue size of subscriber

  • ~synchronizer_queue_size (Int, default: 100)

    Queue size of message filter


roslaunch jsk_perception sample_polygon_array_color_histogram.launch