Convert image local coordinates (represented as geomery_msgs/PointStamped) into 3-D point. Z value of the point is specified via dyanmci_reconfigure API.

Subscribing Topic

  • ~input (geometry_msgs/PointStamped)

    Input point in image local coordinates.

  • ~input/camera_info (sensor_msgs/CameraInfo)

    Camera parameter of the original image.

Publishing Topic

  • ~output (geometry_msgs/PointStamped)

    Output point and the value is scaled to satisfy specified z value.

  • ~output/ray (geometry_msgs/Vector3Stamped)

    3-D ray vector of the point of image local coordinates.


  • ~z (Double, default: 2.0)

    Z value of projected point.


roslaunch jsk_perception sample_project_image_point.launch