What Is This


This nodelet selects and republishes the ClusterPointIndices which belong to a certain label present in a LabelArray topic.

Subscribing Topics

  • ~input/indices (jsk_recognition_msgs/ClusterPointIndices):

    Input indices.

  • ~input/labels (jsk_recognition_msgs/LabelArray):

    Input labels.

Publishing Topics

  • ~output (jsk_recognition_msgs/ClusterPointIndices):

    Filtered cluster point indices.


  • ~label_value (Int, default: 0):

    Label id to filter input cluster point indices.

  • ~approximate_sync (Boolean, default: False) Policy of synchronization, if False it synchornizes exactly, else approximately.

  • ~queue_size (Int, default: 100) Queue size of topic msgs for synchronization.


roslaunch jsk_pcl_ros_utils sample_cluster_point_indices_label_filter.launch