What is this?

Convert jsk_recognition_msgs/PolygonArray to jsk_recognition_msgs/BoundingBoxArray containing the polygons. For example, this can be used when users use polygon for collision avoidance programs.

Subscribing Topic

  • ~input/polygons (jsk_recognition_msgs/PolygonArray)

    Input polygon array.

  • ~input/coefficients (jsk_recognition_msgs/ModelCoefficientsArray)

    Input coefficients array. We assume coeffecients for plane detection.

Publishing Topic

  • ~output/boxes (jsk_recognition_msgs/BoundingBoxArray)

    Output boxes. Each box contains each input polygon. The long side of the bounding box is the x-axis, and the normal direction is the z-axis.

  • ~output/polygons (jsk_recognition_msgs/PolygonArray)

    Output polygons.

  • ~output/coefficients (jsk_recognition_msgs/ModelCoefficientsArray)

    Output coeffecients.


  • ~thickness (Float, default: 0.0001)

    Thickness of bounding box.


roslaunch jsk_recognition_utils sample_polygon_array_to_box_array.launch