What is this?

A ROS node for calibrating camera intrinsic parameter by using checker board. You can find marker pattern in jsk-ros-pkg/calibboard_sheet. This node only supports chess board pattern.

You can click mouse middle button at either image window and then get calibration result as ROS_INFO. Also, you can clear current calibration data by clicking mouse right button at either window.

Please consider using camera_calibration package.

Subscribing Topics

  • image (sensor_msgs/Image)

    Input image for calibration. The image assumed to be image_raw, which means it is not rectified.

  • Image (sensor_msgs/Image)


Publishing Topics



  • display (Int, default: 1)

    Set 1 to show viewer (not image_view but OpenCV window).

  • grid_size_x (Int, required)

  • grid_size_y (Int, required)

    The number of grids along x and y axis.

  • rect_size_x (Float, required)

  • rect_size_y (Float, required)

    Size of checkerboard in meters.


roslaunch checkerboard_detector sample_checkerboard_calibration.launch