jsk_topic_tools/Passthrough is a node/nodelet to relay topics only for specified duration. You can use the service call to turn relay on and off. By default, the topic relay is turned off.

Subscribing Topics

  • ~input (AnyMsg)

    Incoming topic to be relayed

Publishing Topics

  • ~output (AnyMsg, same type as ~input)

    Outgoing topic to publish on


  • ~request (std_srvs/Empty)

    Start topic relay

  • ~stop (std_srvs/Empty)

    Stop topic relay

  • ~request_duration (jsk_topic_tools/PassthroughDuration)

    Perform topic relay for a specified duration. Duration 0 means infinite relay.


  • ~default_duration (double, default: 10.0)

    Duration [s] to relay the topic. Duration 0 means infinite relay.


# Terminal 1
$ roslaunch jsk_topic_tools passthrough_sample.launch

# Terminal 2
$ rostopic pub /passthrough_sample/input std_msgs/String "data: 'hello'" -r10

# Terminal 3
$ rostopic echo /passthrough_sample/input

# Terminal 4
$ rostopic echo /passthrough_sample/output

# Terminal 5
$ rosservice call /passthrough_sample/request
$ rosservice call /passthrough_sample/stop