DiagnosticNodelet (C++)


This class is a subclass of ConnectionBasedNodelet. Instances of this class can publish diagnostics messages. This is an abstruct class.


Each subclass of this class is required to call vital_checker_->poke() on all callback functions so that this class can check the health of the functionality of the nodelet.

Publishing Topic

  • ~diagnostics (diagnostic_msgs::DiagnosticArray):

    Diagnostic messages


  • ~vital_rate (Double, default: 1.0):

    Rate to determine if the nodelet is in health. If the rate that the callback functions is below this parameter, error messages are displayed on diagnostics.

  • /diagnostic_nodelet/use_warn or ~use_warn (Bool, default: False):

    If this parameter is enabled, diagnostic messages on failure is displayed on WARN level instead of ERROR level. /diagnostic_nodelet/use_warn affects every nodelets that inherits this class, but it still can be overriden for each nodelet by setting ~use_warn parameter.