ConnectionBasedNodelet (C++)


This base-class is being deprecated and replaced by nodelet_topic_tools::NodeletLazy in nodelet_topic_tools.


This class is a base-class which can start subscribing topics if published topics are subscribed by the other node. This is abstruct class.


Each subclass of this class must call onInitPostProcess in the last line onInit.


  • ~use_multithread_callback (Bool, default: true):

If true, node use getMTNodeHandle and getMTPrivateNodeHandle for getting NodeHandle. MTNodeHandle generates threads for processing its callback function.

If false, node use getNodeHandle and getPrivateNodeHandle. This is default behavior of normal node (not nodelet).

Please see nodelet

  • ~always_subscribe (Bool, default: false):

    Subscribes topics even if there is no subscribers of advertised topics if true.

  • ~verbose_connection (Bool, default: false):

    Show verbose log message on topic connection

  • ~no_warn_on_init_post_process (Bool, default: false):

    Never warn if onInitPostProcess method is not yet called.