Demonstrate APC2015 on Simulation

Real world demonstration for APC2015 can be done on any computers with ROS indigo.


# setup catkin
mkdir -p ~/ros/jsk_apc2015_sim && cd ~/ros/jsk_apc2015_sim
catkin init
# setup repos
cd ~/ros/jsk_apc2015_sim/src
wstool init
wstool merge$ROS_DISTRO
wstool update -j8
# install depends
rosdep install --from-path . -r -y
# build repos
catkin build -iv -j8


roslaunch jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc baxter_sim.launch
roslaunch jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc setup_head.launch gazebo:=true
roslaunch jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc main.launch json:=$(rospack find jsk_apc2015_common)/json/f2.json

# optional visualization
rviz -d $(rospack find jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc)/rvizconfig/gazebo_demo.rviz
Amazon Picking Challenge 2015 Gazebo Simulation