Demonstrate APC2015 on Real WorldΒΆ

Real world demonstration for APC2015 can be done on

  • Prepare json.
  • Setup objects in Kiva.
baxter@sheeta $ roscd jsk_apc && git checkout 0.2.2

baxter@sheeta $ roslaunch jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc baxter.launch
baxter@sheeta $ roslaunch jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc setup_torso.launch

baxter@sheeta $ ssh doura
baxter@doura $ tmux
baxter@doura $ roscd jsk_apc && git checkout 0.2.2
# on a tmux session
baxter@doura $ sudo -s  # necessary for launch kinect2 with ssh login
baxter@doura $ roslaunch jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc setup_head.launch
# detach from the tmux session and logout from doura here

baxter@sheeta $ roslaunch jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc main.launch json:=$(rospack find jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc)/json/layout_12.json

# optional visualization
$ rviz -d $(rospack find jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc)/rvizconfig/segmentation.rviz  # check object segmentation in each bin
$ rviz -d $(rospack find jsk_2015_05_baxter_apc)/rvizconfig/real_demo.rviz  # visualization for demo

../_images/setup_demo_1.jpg ../_images/real_world.jpg ../_images/real_world_rviz.jpg Amazon Picking Challenge 2015 Real World Demonstration