What is this?

This node is to test the expected published topics while running rostest.


  • ~topic_%d (str)

    The name of topics to test if published.

  • ~timeout_%d (int)

    Timeout for the topic.

  • ~negative_%d (bool, Default: false, Optional)

    If it’s True, it tests if not published.

  • ~import (List[str], Default: [], Optional)

    List of Python modules to import and use in ~condition_%d expression. For commodity rospy and numpy modules are imported by default.

  • ~condition_%d (str, Default: None, Optional)

    Check bool value condition using the given Python expression. The Python expression can access any of the Python builtins plus: topic (the topic of the message), m (the message) and t (time of message).

    For example, topic is std_msgs/String and if you want to check whether a sentence is a hello, you can do the following.

    condition_0: m.data == 'hello'

    If you want to check the frame id of the header, you can do the following.

    condition_0: m.header.frame_id in ['base', 'base_link']

    Note that, use escape sequence when using the following symbols <(&lt;), >(&gt;), &(&amp;), '(&apos;) and "(&quot;).

    condition_0: m.data &lt; 'spbm'

    The modules given to ~import can also be used.

    condition_0: 'numpy.linalg.norm([m.wrench.force.x, m.wrench.force.y, m.wrench.force.z]) &lt; 10.0'


<test test-name="image_view2_topics"
      pkg="jsk_tools" type="test_topic_published.py">
    topic_0: /camera_0/image/screenrectangle_image
    timeout_0: 10
    topic_1: /camera_1/image/screenrectangle_image
    timeout_1: 10