What is this?

This node is to test the expected published topics while running rostest.


  • ~topic_%d (str)

    The name of topics to test if published.

  • ~timeout_%d (int)

    Timeout for the topic.

  • ~negative_%d (bool, Default: false, Optional)

    If it’s True, it tests if not published.

  • ~condition_%d (str, Default: None, Optional)

    Check bool value condition using the given Python expression. The Python expression can access any of the Python builtins plus: topic (the topic of the message), m (the message) and t (time of message).

    For example, topic is std_msgs/String and if you want to check whether a sentence is a hello, you can do the following.

    If you want to check the frame id of the header, you can do the following.

    Note that, use escape sequence when using the following symbols <(&lt;), >(&gt;), &(&amp;), '(&apos;) and "(&quot;).


<test test-name="image_view2_topics"
      pkg="jsk_tools" type="test_topic_published.py">
    topic_0: /camera_0/image/screenrectangle_image
    timeout_0: 10
    topic_1: /camera_1/image/screenrectangle_image
    timeout_1: 10