APC2016 Pick Task Trial on Real World with Right Gripper-v5

Pick task trial on real world with right gripper-v5 for APC2016 can be done on baxter@sheeta.

  • Install right gripper-v5 in Baxter
  • Prepare json (ex. test_gripper_v5.json).
  • Setup objects in Kiva.
# Launch nodes to control robot.
baxter@sheeta $ roslaunch jsk_2016_01_baxter_apc baxterrgv5.launch

# Launch nodes in recognition pipeline for pick task.
baxter@sheeta $ roslaunch jsk_2016_01_baxter_apc setup_for_pick.launch

# optional: Check sanity.
baxter@sheeta $ rosrun jsk_2016_01_baxter_apc check_sanity_setup_for_pick

# Run task!
baxter@sheeta $ roslaunch jsk_2016_01_baxter_apc main_rgv5.launch json:=$(rospack find jsk_apc2016_common)/json/test_gripper_v5.json
# even if you pass rviz:=false to main.launch, you need to launch yes_no_button.
baxter@sheeta $ rosrun jsk_2016_01_baxter_apc yes_no_button