What is this?


Detect edges from organized point cloud.


This node requires PCL >= 1.7.2.

Subscribing Topics

  • ~input (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)

    Input point cloud.

Publishing Topics

  • ~output_nan_boundary_edge_indices

  • ~output_occluding_edge_indices

  • ~output_occluded_edge_indices

  • ~output_curvature_edge_indices

  • ~output_rgb_edge_indices

  • ~output_indices

    Output point indices.

  • ~output_normal

  • ~output_nan_boundary_edge

  • ~output_occluding_edge

  • ~output_occluded_edge

  • ~output_curvature_edge

  • ~output_rgb_edge

  • ~output

    Output point cloud.

  • ~edge_image

  • ~hough_image

    Debug image. Visualize the input and output image of cv::HoughLinesP.



  • max_depth_change_factor, (Double, default: 0.02)

    Max depth change factor.

  • normal_smoothing_size, (Double, default: 20.0)

    Normal smoothing size parameter.

  • estimation_method, (Int, default: 0)

    Estimation method.

  • depth_dependent_smoothing (Boolean, default: false)

    Use depth dependent smoothing.

  • border_policy_ignore (Boolean, default: true)

    Ignore border policy.

  • max_search_neighbors (Int, default: 100)

    The maximum number of the neighbors used in edge detection.

  • depth_discontinuation_threshold (Double, default: 0.04)

    Threshold about depth discontinuation used in edge detection.

  • publish_normal (Boolean, default: false)

    Publish normal pointcloud

  • use_nan_boundary (Boolean, default: false)

    Detect NAN Boundary Edge

  • use_occluding (Boolean, true)

    Detect Occluding Edge

  • use_occluded (Boolean, true)

    Detect Occluded Edge

  • use_curvature (Boolean, true)

    Detect Curvature Edge

  • use_rgb (Boolean, false)

    Detect RGB Edge

  • use_straightline_detection (Boolean, true)

    Detect Straight Lines

  • rho (Double, 1, 50)

    rho Used in Straight Lines Detection(in pixel)

  • theta (Double, Default: 1)

    The resolution of the parameter theta in radians. We use 1 degree (CV_PI/180) Used in Straight Lines Detection.

  • straightline_threshold (Int, default: 50)

    The minimum number of intersections to ‘detect’ a line, Used in Straight Lines Detection

  • min_line_length (Double, default: 50)

    The minimum number of points that can form a line. Lines with less than this number of points are disregarded. Used in Straight Lines Detection.

  • max_line_gap (Double, default: 10)

    The maximum gap between two points to be considered in the same line. Used in Straight Lines Detection.

  • publish_debug_image, (Boolean, default: true)

    Publish Debug Images.