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Register two pointclouds based on icp like registration technique.

Subscribe Topics

  • ~input (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)

    Target pointcloud.

  • ~input/camera_info (sensor_msgs/CameraInfo)

    Camera info. Needed only when correspondence_algorithm == Projective

  • ~input_reference (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)

    Reference pointcloud. frame_id of this pointlcoud is ignored.

  • ~input_reference_array (jsk_recognition_msgs::PointsArray)

    Array of reference pointcloud. ICPRegistration uses the reference which provides the best fitting score.

  • ~input_offset (geometry_msgs/PoseStamped)

    Offset of pose. It will only be subscribed if ~use_offset_pose is true.

  • ~input_reference_add (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)

  • ~input_box (jsk_recognition_msgs/BoundingBox)

  • ~reference (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)

Publishing Topics

  • ~output (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)

  • ~output_pose (geometry_msgs/PoseStamped)

  • ~debug/source (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)

  • ~debug/target (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)

  • ~debug/flipped (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)

  • ~debug/result (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)

  • ~icp_result (jsk_recognition_msgs/ICPResult)

  • ~output/latest_time (std_msgs/Float32)

    latest computation time

  • ~output/average_time (std_msgs/Float32)

    average computation time

Advertising Services

  • ~icp_align (jsk_recognition_msgs/ICPAlign)
  • ~icp_align_with_box (jsk_recognition_msgs/ICPAlignWithBox)


  • ~use_offset_pose (default: false)

    Enable ~input_offset topic.

  • ~use_normal (default: false)

    Use normal information in registration. In order to use this feature, reference and target pointcloud should have valid normal fields.

  • ~transform_3dof (default: false)

    Add constraint to transform estimation on 3D (1D rotation + 2D translation) from header frame of input cloud. See TfTransformCloud to change header frame of point cloud.


  • ~align_box (default: false)

  • ~synchronize_reference (default: false)

  • ~algorithm (default: ICP)

    Should be one of ICP, GICP or NDT.

  • ~correspondence_algorithm (default: NN)

    Should be one of NN or Projective.

  • ~use_flipped_initial_pose (default: true)

  • ~max_iteration (default: 100)

  • ~correspondence_distance (default: 10)

  • ~transform_epsilon (default: 1e-9)

  • ~euclidean_fittness_epsilon (default: 0.01)

  • ~rotation_epsilon (default: 2e-3)

  • ~ransac_iterations (default: 1000)

  • ~ransac_outlier_threshold (default: 0.05)

  • ~correspondence_randomness (default: 20)

  • ~maximum_optimizer_iterations (default: 20)

  • ~ndt_resolution (default: 1.0)

  • ~ndt_step_size (default: 0.05)

  • ~ndt_outlier_ratio (default: 0.35)

Sample Launch

roslaunch jsk_pcl_ros sample_icp_registration.launch